Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kau Tahu Betapa Ku Sayang Pada Mu

Yesterday... (hehe.. i do realise my posts are 1 day behind time... sori ya... will update them asap) we had our Baba Nyonya video screening. It's for my LAN project (why do i even bother to put in so much effort for LAN?? That's cuz i literally have Nothing Better To Do in college and i think my friends & i agree that setting up a booth like other groups will be nothing but BORING... So we decided to spice things up)

I do wish i could upload the video ere... but my blogging skills... FAIL! Then i tot of uploading some pics we took... but Ms Melissa lazy to go upstairs to get her cam!! so... you all just read words la k? :P

The story (i wrote it :D) is entitled --It Took A Dream
It's about a spoilt girl named Samantha (Sam) from the 21st century that did not appreciate her Baba Nyonya heritage. The conflict began when she was told to wear her Baba Nyonya Birthday Suit on her 16th birthday by her parents. Being as rebelious as she is, she refused and ended up receiving a slap from her father.

Then the story continues as Sam cried herself to sleep. (Since the title of the video is "it took a dream", obviously... she dreamt la :P) In her dream, she travelled back in time to the year 1888. She saw the very last moments of another girl, Tong Tong.

T/T's last wish was to wear the Birthday Suit. But being poor, her mom couldn't afford. Instead of being upset, T/T in return comforted her mom by saying "once a Nyonya, always a Nyonya; with or without the Suit"

That convicted Sam and she woke up realizing how blest she was to get the opportunity to wear the Suit. She apologises to her parents...
(the most touching scene, as she ran out of her room, the song Belaian Jiwa was played. Ah... so loves...) THE END!

*sorry ar if my grammar a bit the cacat-ed :D

Loads of credit is to be given to Ms Tan Yue Mei for making the video a success. I may have written it. But without her help shooting it and then editting it for one whole day, the video would have been a failure... so... Love ya girl!! Muax!

Altho the crowd that came to watch the video was kinda
small, but all of them liked it :D (i have comment forms to prove that statement :P) Therefore, i consider it a success! ;)

p/s: my driving test is on the 8th Aug. Not the 2nd. I lazy to edit my previous post so write ere la :P

God bless & hugs!


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