Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Whose Fault Was It Anyway?

Now that it has happened, everything seems a blur. It happened so quickly that my Dory brains couldnt capture it. There i was... driving... trying to change lanes. 1st we signal, then, look at your side mirrors and the back one to make sure that the coast is clear. Then, accelerate and turn steering wheel to the lane you wanna cut into.

How wrong is that??

But sadly, according to the JPJ uncle, i was too near to the car behind. He insisted that the car was in my blindspot!! And he was like "Didnt you learn bout blindspots in your undang class??" "You should have looked at your rear mirror." (confession of a dot: i didnt look at the rear mirror cause... continue reading) i'm like... i know the blindspot thingy existed, but i'm NOT blind!!! I saw that car coming and i knew i could make it. So i follwed the procedures as mentioned above lo... And bear in mind, I was already on the correct lane when the JPJ uncle told me to stop and park by the roadside. If it was too near me /i was too near it... (considering that it was coming from the back...) whose fault was it??? Mine or the Volvo's (i gave a signal like long before i made that cut... that Volvo shouldnt have charged forward, NO ONE would have done that when they see a car with a "L" painted on it rite?? AND!!! If i was causing the Volvo danger, why didnt he/she honk???) or was it just the JPJ's excuse to fail me??

So... what's your verdict??

Sighz... now, i've gotta go thru the entire traumatic experience of driving some cacat-ed car!! And risk myself of another terrible headache ( i cried after the test not because i failed, but because of the headache which is caused by too much carbon monoxide and 2nd hand smoke) Why la??? i hate it when the engine dies. (another confession of a dot: my engine died TWICE in 3 mins!!! sighz.... that happened before the incident above)

My next test is next tueaday. Pls pray for me. Thanks!!

God bless & hugs!


aman23 said...

hey dot, morons are everywhere. to them, "L" and "P" signs say "challenge them" rather than "give way". i nearly hit a pajero today too while doing the exact same thing you were doing. the guy just did not give me way and pushed through.

it's just the beginning.

anyway, good luck for your test!


-dot- said...

Hey, thanks for the support. I'll try my best the next time.

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