Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yawn* today i went to Doulos with my church. The QUEUE!!! Was SUPER LONG!!! We reach the port about 2.30... we had to wait til 4.30 to step into the ship!!! Keng le??? Thank God the weather was good. Oh ya... i had lots of eye candies while i waited to get on board :P It was kinda stuffy in the ship. I'm surprised i actually pulled through! After paying for my bible dictonary (it's a cool dictionary, got pics summo! i like :D) i had ice cream (someone told me it was nice... but i cant remember who. I tot it was emily. But she say she didnt eat the ice cream... so hmm...) it taste horrible. i ate the banana + vanilla. BIG mistake.

I stood for... let's count, 1... 2... 3...-4 hrs!!! It was madness!! So far i'm not feeling any pain, Praise the Lord!!! i'm a big girl d :D i'm kinda sleepy now. But got assignments to do!! sighs... Tomorrow's gonna be a long long day! First, work from 8.30-10 (usually it's till 1.30 but i have to do a movie shoot thingy for my project. Thank goodness i worked extra hours to cover 4 tmr) then from 10- dont know what time i'll be doing the movie shoot thingy. AIYO!!!

I shall go back to work now. Good nites people! God bless and hugs!


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