Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Changed My Mind

Hmph! Actually i was thinking of giving those no good people that thinks us teens have no stress and cons us into working for them because we are given a scholarship (which we by the way deserve according to the terms and conditions written on the scholarship application form) a piece of my mind!

But... YOU NO GOOD PEOPLE should be thankful for my popo. I called her and we had a chat. She didnt say much about it. But she did remind me that all that happens to me right now is part of the bigger picture that God painted for me. Therefore... i'll not write a blog about YOU PEOPLE.

Since i'm in a good mood now... i'll talk about my POPO!! :D She's a very nice old lady. She was there to hold me when i could still fit into a sized 1 shoe!! She's been with me ever since then. Days, weeks, months and years passed. It never crossed my mind that she would leave me. She was there when i started walking... and she was also there when i cried (in fact... i'm tearing rite now... i cant see my keyboard!!) Then, reality struck when she told me last 2 years that she'll be going back to ipoh to be closer to her son. My memory on the day she left is kinda blur now. I cant even remember if i had the chance to say goodbye. Guess i was in school when she left. Oh how i brokedown whenever i looked at her bed at night and she was no longer there. And how i missed the times when i shoved my bolster to her face cause she was snoring and i couldnt sleep (yes... i admit i'm naughty and spoilt by her... what to do?? She loves me dearly ma :P)

As some of you might know, old people fall sick easily lo... so yea... she and my kong kong took turns to fall sick!!! Boy was i worried. Then being as imaginative as i am... i started imagining what if they left me eternally?? (it's just a term la... i know we will meet again in Heaven) oh ya.. i was also kinda afraid that what if they dont make it to Heaven??? so guess what?? i brokedown again!!! So emo hoh?? but i love them dearly too ma!!! And so whenever they fall sick, i'll say this prayer: "God, You know what i can take and what i cant... the death of my gparents is something i CANT take. Praise the Lord!! My gparents are alive and kicking. Well... they do have old people sickness. My popo just went for "katarak" (i dont know the english spelling and i lazy to go find out :P) operation and her eye got INFECTION!!! So... again... my wild imaginations kicked in. I thought she was gonna be blind... and have juice coming out of her eye!!! (yes... that's how imaginative i can be) Then only my aunt filled me in with the details... she say the doc said it's ok 1... the lens cracked cuz old ppl's eyes are usually dry... so as long as she goes to the hosp to get it redressed (if there is such a word) then she'll be fine. I was like why la now only tell me??? But i really thank God for being merciful towards my gparents. Love ya Lord!!!

I just realised... this is a LONG post.. kekeke! i can go on with about my gparents. But will stop ere la. Happy reading. And today i won a Walls pillow. it's heart shaped. quite cute. m hugging it now :D

God bless n Hugs!