Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wheels Of Life

It's been a crazy day for me... guess any1 would realise by now that stress piles up as we grow. Until now... i still find it kinda hard to do things in an organized way. (like i've mentioned... i'm now my LEO clubs secretary... how ironic eh?) (made a few ppl upset summo... I'M SORRY!!!) was insensitive in a way. Guess it's time for the carefree dot to shun away n let more of the wise dot come out. (yes... just in case u didnt realise... a WISE dot existed :P)
Now my head is KILLLING ME!!! aihz... the one sad thing i inherited from my dad... MIGRANE!!! y la??? sighz... i should go nap now.
i'm sowee this post a bit the colourless. No mood d...

Bring out the PAIN KILLERS!!! :D