Thursday, August 10, 2006


Prepare to feel Loves... ;P
She was asleep n i woke her up for this (wakakakaka) *why pic so dark?? cuz my popo's eyes still recovering. The flash mite hurt her*

Finally my kong kong smiled in a pic!! And my ever so gaya popo!! *took this pic in my kong kong's old folks home - shocked?? i was quite upset too... but when i knew that my popo cant take care of my kong kong, i had to agree lo... he says he's happy. Will bring him home when he gets better *pls pray along!!*

Ke-GAYA-an! :P
My cute grandparents and me!

Loves or not?? :P

My poser popo n kong kong ><"

More wedding pics...

Let's do the Hula Hula :S

Hou Lo Man Tik ah!!!

DOIK!! The specky guy trying to steal the groom's limelight!! someone pls throw a shoe!! (but aim properly la :S