Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today is Sunday! I went for chuch service. Did attendance but i didnt stay for the sermon part which i regretted!!! I went back stage to do the props for my game stall. Speaking about that... Calling all those who have sibblings aged from 3-12. We're having Kids FUN ATTACK!! So haps hoh the name!! In my context i only see KIDS ATTACK!! (oh boy... :S) Anyway... kids from 3-12 can play games for FREE!! Interesting eh? But food must pay la. It's on this 31st (for some of you that come from another planet, it's Merdeka Day lo.. :P) from 9.30-3pm. In GTPJ (my church's premises) If you are interested let me know. I can give u directions :D

Why did i regret?
cuz... i tot the sermon will be the same as yesterday's.. BUT!! i heard the congregation laughing and some screaming! I guess ps Julie showwed them the "fear factor" challenge we had last Thursday which i didnt get to go watch cuz i had classes :( and now i missed the video!!! :'( but anyway.. sacrifices have to be made. ;)

Why am i satisfied?
Well... simple! the props turned out beautiful! It's got this medival look! I likeeee... :D It was tiring (some of you might say... "you do a lil oso tired 1 la.." But this a different case k! :P) We did a lil on Wed nite. But Jo didnt like it (actually i agree with her :P) So we decided to redo everything, which means start from scratch la... so we re wrapped the boxes with mahjong paper (i've learnt something new... Boys CANT wrap!! hehehe) Then Jay Sonn sprayed paint on the boxes. And i, with my very "keng" painting skills did wat i do best, MAKING A MESS!! :P dont mess k... it turned out pretty as i've said. I so want to live in that thing. hehehe! Then we waited for the paint to dry before stamping the windows.
Jo made a helicopter! but the propeller broke! aih... :P but she maneged to stick the thing together by poking a wire through it. :D And she brought a Chicken Little to decorate our building. (it was supposed to have this King Kong effect... but... hehehe!)

I do hope the children will like the game or at least come to our stall cuz the "building" is pretty :P Btw, we're doing Inflatable Croquet :D

God Bless & Hugs!