Thursday, October 12, 2006


Remember i said i googled bout "crazy watches" early this morning?? hehe... these are the other weird stuffs i got which... i think have completely NOTHING to do with WATCHES....

Tazmanian Devil Phone! Adorable Taz moves wildly, growls and speaks when the phone rings, he cradles the handset in his mouth, demo button, redial, switchable ringer, tone/pulse option, volume control. The telephone base looks like it's "cracked" open by Taz where he's standing.

Interesting eh?? for a cartoon fan like me... kekeke I WANT!!! but i'd prefer a mickey mouse 1.. *hint* :P

DOROTHY's in the HOUSE!!

kekeke... since Halloween's coming... wouldnt it be nice for me to dress up as... MYSELF? wakakaka!

And.. altho i hate cats n i think they r stupid... i find this kinda cool...

a CONDO for a CAT!! aihz... things ppl do/ give their pets!