Thursday, December 21, 2006


< After watching Barnyard, we went to this place... Is it Station 1 or The 1 Station ar?? teehee! Barnyard is FUNNY! in me opinion la.. go watch it if all u want is 1.30 or 2 hours of laughter!

Cam whores + unexpected flash > lights = Spastic Looking Cam Whores!!
< (carol seems a lil more pro ere cuz she was exposed to the flash light a few times d :P)

^ See the red mark thingy on the menu? (oh btw.. this is a pic of the menu) It says that the sundae is NOT available... BUT... my very mangkuk fren... CAROL LEE to be exact :P was so excited when she saw that there was sundae on the menu n she went like 'Ooh.. lets order!' -.-" my frenz never fail to amuse me! :P

We went there for supper... so... wat's there to do for supper?? PIG!!!


some kong pou rice thingy... NOT mine k.. i dont eat rice for supper :P>

The mashed potato was mine tho.. i know.. it's still carbo... but i need it! :P

To be continued... (this blogger ar.. can upload few pics oni! ish!!)