Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clouds on a Sunny Day

Classes ended earlier than expected today (wasnt supposed to have class but lect couldnt make it next monday so she replaced the class today), thanks to our merciful lecturer.

It was noon and i had to walk across the pedestrain bridge to get across where my dad would pick me up. Altho it was only a 5 minute walk (if i hurried myself)... with the scorching sun... those 5 minutes may seem forever!! So.. genius me.. decided to go into summit and wait a lil while n pray that clouds will come to cover the sun! n guess what?? Jesus LOVES me!! i visited me bro at starbucks.. (tot of getting a drink.. but then decided not to :D) n the sun disappeared!! How did i know?? cuz i couldnt see the shadows of the trees! n everything seemed a lil dimmed! YIPPEE!!

altho there was still a lil heat in the air... i had the pleasure of not getting me skin burned!

*count your blessings even if they're just clouds on a sunny day* :)