Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dot the Blacksmith :P

hehehe! today is a special day for me! for it is the FIRST time in my life that i made a SPEAR!!! well... me being a UNIQUE Dot, my spears were as UNIQUE too! they were made of... MOUNTING BOARD & MASKING TAPE!!!! *wakakakakaka*

eh... not easy k... this is also 1 of the very FEW times i used a BLADE!!! scary man! n to cut through a mounting board aint easy k! but the joy of the Lord is my strength! ;)

well... after a hard day's work... we resorted to some cam whoring :P

-STAB me!!!-
(the word s-t-a-b is pronounced as S-T-U-B)

-playin dead-

and of course i was just i of the small fries that went to help out... btw... the spears are for our Easter play! --> this coming Friday! wanna know more about it? ASK ME! :D .... enough of advertisements....
What you are about to see... is one of the masterpiece(s) created by the "Amazon woman" you saw in the pic above (the 1 in blue) and her comrades (i'm thankful she doesnt know this blog exists :P)
it's a painting on a cloth the size of the black boards we had back in skul... KENG le???
i wish i could paint... but oh well... i can make SPEARS! guess that's part of ART too! :P