Friday, March 30, 2007

A Walk to Remember

a thumbs up to the committee of the ADP Prom!!! despite the odds, they pulled thru and came up with an in-my-opinion FUN prom!

I'll let the pics do the talking (cuz it's 12.30 now and my brains aint functioning anymore :P)

behold... the WALK of Fame

Who does Wern Sern resemble?? *hint> some guy in some horror movie*

Joy and i cam whoring before the guests arrive (she's the sole usher of the nite! poor gal...)

Yue and i on the RED CARPET

How can we ever miss out on our TRADEMARK??

Rising Sun dancers!

(i was so geared up to video them.. but all THANKS TO MY BROTHER!!! that didnt allow me to clear the pics he took with his friends... my camera memory ran out and i could only catch the 1st half of the dance!!! ARGH!!!)

The food was good but the crowd was a lil sad in NUMBERS... HOWEVER i think when it came to support, we gave it our ALL! i bet all of us are coughing now... thank God mom made the BITTER TEA again... altho it's bitter, but i rather have my taste buds suffer than my throat! =)

At the end of the day, i guess it's the company that matters! our table was like THE noisiest one *blushes* but hey! we were there to have FUN anyways! :P and yes! i'm very greatful that the emcees were fun ppl toO!

-the end-