Saturday, April 21, 2007

2 inches

...ever had that moment when u wanna scream but nothing comes out?? i had that moment 2 hours ago...

i went for a haircut, just to trim my hair back to its original happening shape... (mom said no need to go back to the hairstylist.. it's expensive and all i needed was a trim... so being the OBEDIENT child i AM, i said ok...) went to some instant hair saloon in Carrefour.
paid the machine, sat down and told the lady i want my hair 2 inches shorter. So she started snipping away... everything was fine...

Until! DISASTER struck when she slided the comb to my fringe and SNIP!!! she gave it a STRAIGHT CUT!!! my pupils enlarged and so did my eyes, my sleepy face turned to one in SHOCK as i recalled my stylist's words... "your fringe should be parallel to your side burn" (can you feel my pain?)

i never really had an opinion bout how the stylists cut my hair until NOW!! i knew i had to do something!!! cause she started combing my fringe to the front... you know.. the coconut style... i was like NO!!! ENOUGH! dont cut my fringe anymore!

the back and all still looks good... just the VERY OBVIOUS fringe of mine that went wrong... :(
but i think my wax will do me good... i HOPE! :)