Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jiak Sushi Jiak Ka Siao Liao!!!

The title is in Hokkien (courtesy of Sab =) )

Buckle up! for a RIDE of your LIFE!

^ we managed to fit 4 bum bums in the backseat of a Vios! :D

Now why did we go through all that?

^ To celebrate our dearie Chemmy's BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday Girl! *muaxXie*

^DIG IN!!!
Yue clearly did NOT understand me when i said "DIG IN" :P
she went *GOLD* diggin'
I usually pig the most... but this time...
I left the honors to the BOSS! ;)
^ just in case u cant see what we're doin in the pic, we were givin a TOAST to our birthday gal!

dont get us wrong... sushi king fed us well... it's just that... we got tired of normal RAW stuffs... so we decided...
... to EAT the birthday girl!
*no one was hurt/killed in the course of taking this picture :P*

Sush* K*ng's NEW dish!!


WARNING!!! please do not try this at home!

pic above and below show:


See NO evil; Hear NO evil; Speak No evil;
but SOMEONE forgot to
DO NO EVIL!!! *ewwie* :P

SCB Trademark! *muaks*

SCB adoring Birthday Girl!

*muaks muaks MUAKS*

A new trademark! the *err... but but but* pose :P

Just when you thought the fun ended there...

Sun-Tzu had his Art of War; now let me present to you,


^ My BOO-ti-FOOL answer sheet for Com quizz!

credits: this ART wouldnt have come to pass if it werent for my most loyal and trustworthy...

(from left: Sab, Yue, Joseph, Chemmy, Joy and the HAND (above Joseph's head belongs to Fei Fei)
-the end-