Friday, April 20, 2007

Livin Ahead of Time

... I'm in my HOLIDAY MOOD!! this aint good... cause i've still got 3 more minor assignments and my FINALS to do!!! :S *sei le...*

guess what my laid back-ness caused me to do last nite... *aihz...*
i spent 2 hours SEWING!!! (ok.. this is the time where you reach to the floor to pick ur JAW up! :P)
you mite not believe me... cause there are no pics taken to prove it (no pictures were taken cause my sewing skills not that good la.. *blushes*)
so what did i sew? *muahahahaha* a lil pouch! for my 1 cent coins :D (got Rm 5's worth of them) where i got them from?? it's a LONG story :P


got out of bed at 1 (dont hate me for this k... i had a long week!) then sat in front of me com... tried to get the video u guys saw posted on my blog... and... (now pls hold your jaws... so it doesnt drop to the floor again :P)
i washed the toilet! *teehee* it's one thing that i've not been doin for a LONG time due to my busy-ness. So yea... got it washed up! it's WHITY-CLEAN now! (not "sparkling" cause i'm being realistic.. i dont have diamonds nor gold in my toilet, just white tiles on the walls and blue ones for the floor :P)

having rushed to meet datelines and now having close to NOTHING better to do... feels kinda de-motivating... but no worries, i will find something to fill my time... like STUDYIN!! *aik* must get my clock right!!