Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank You

My stress level was rising
I felt like I was drowning
I struggled to keep on smiling
The joy i had was somehow missing

But as I woke up this faithful morning
There the sun was brightly shining
It’s a new day, a brand new beginning
And I thank You for I’m still breathing

I have indeed been swimming in a pool of stress for the past month, datelines were banging on my door everyday! But i still found the time to have fun and not wallow in self pity...Like a pool... there were different depths of stress that i swam through.

I'm thankful i survived the past month but the past week really drained and nearly drowned me. Sleepless nites, a bad throat, migraines...

It's just a matter of time that i will reach the other end of this pool... i know there's a distance between us but nonetheless You were there by the pool, my Life Guard; always on the look out for me to make sure i aint drowning. I have come thus far because of You. Thank You.