Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Many Friends Will it Take?

just when each of us wake up to a new day,
just as we breathe in the air,
just as we see the sun and feel its warmth,
just as we have the ability to smile at the fact that we have another day to be around our loved ones...

but what if all of these are taken away from you?
to say goodbye to your loved ones i secondary...
the question is...
what's next after u breathe your last?
reincarnation? u become an angel?

i woke up this morning to something i'm unable to accept...
my primary classmate passed away...
19 years of age,
what has he seen?
what has he done for himself?
what has he accomplished?

to say R.I.P brother is just so... unappropriate...
how can he rest in peace witout having Jesus in his life?
there is NO reincarnation, you DONT become an angel... neither do u roam about earth hauting people... how do i know such things? cause it's stated in the Bible that Heaven and Hell are REAL! we humans have souls, 1 thing that separates us from them; the reason why it's ok to kill a mosquito! and NOT a human. because they dont have souls but we DO!
our souls go to either Heaven or Hell... i dont care bout hell... i want all my sweeties to be in Heaven...
but how do we get there?
it's not the donation you make to orphanage homes,
it's not the seat u gave the granny in the bus,
neither is it the fame and fortune u gathered on earth!
it's JESUS! He's the KEY to heaven! (it's stated in the bible too!)

one way for u to know if what i say is REALLY true... is for u to DIE! but that will be too late, wouldnt it?
How hard is it to accept someone that LOVES you and DIED for YOU!

we werent that close back in primary days... but something could have been done to reach out to him! i missed that opportunity... i couldnt find that door.... now it's shut FOREVER!
accidents have happened, now a life is taken... how many friends will it take for you to wake up and sense the urgency to reach out?

God is speaking, but are you LISTENING?


whazoole said...

maybe his life (or in fact, death) story was a way to remind us all of the mortality of youths? we are all dying, however old or young we are.

-dot- said...

very deep! but true! time is slippin away... to me his death is a way of reminding us to grab hold of ANY opportunity in life =)