Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dot's Choice *explained* :P

hehe! i guess besides Yue... many of you are also wondering what's up with the color of the peanut butter...

so i've decided to explain ere.. :D

it all started with the "AGAK-AGAK" tradition, passed down from my popo to my mom and hopefully NOT to me! this is what you get for not writing down the desired measurements for the IDEAL taste of yummy-licious peanut butter

mom added too much icing sugar... the whole panel of TANs agreed that the peanut butter was toO sweet... so genius daddy went on to add salt... (well.. that was what should be done la.. cause peanut butter has a lil saltiness to it anyways..) BUT!!! daddy... not much of a talent when it comes to the AGAK-AGAK skill... (he no know bout me blog *phew* :P) he added TOO MUCH salt!!! aihz...

the next best thing to do is add MORE peanuts lo... but we blended all the new peanuts... the peanuts u saw in the pictures were the peanuts from the week BEFORE! muahahaha! *ahem* and they were the undesired CHARCOAL peanuts (which i mentioned in my previous post)! *blushes*

but it was either "high-blood pressure caused by EXCESSIVELY salted peanut butter" or "weird colored peanut butter"... so we added the week-before peanuts to the mixture... and as a result... the SAMBAL-LIKE color lo...

so kawan ar... u still want the peanut butter? :D