Friday, June 08, 2007


goodness! today was like a whole day of Intensive English!!! i had 6 hours of english in A DAY!!! but it was good! cause i know i'm in good hands! :D

learn something interesting today! FREEwriting! it means u have to write for 10 mins NON STOP... pen down WHATEVER that comes to your mind, even if it's "i NEED to pee NOW!" :P

so to those of you that have nothing better to do after A-levels, or after any of your exams... knock urself out! write consecutively for 10 minutes! :D well of course give urself a scope la.. a TITLE!

ere's a mindless example from Dot! :P
mine would be about *muahahahaha* FOOOOOD!!! *muahahahahaha*

it's 1.08 am now, i should be sleepin, it's not so effective to do free writing like this cause i'm not so canggih-ed in my typin... always got typo *blushes* but yea! this is how it works! u dont have to care bout grammar.... u can use any dialect... just LET UR MIND FLOW! :D so yea! FOOD! i love eating! which i find it kinda hard to not snack altho i should cause i'm gaining flabs :( did try sitting up... but lazy d... *lalala* ok ok! will start doin it again! i like eating cause i like it la! i like pampering my taste buds! but if u know me well... i dont try new stuffs. i go to the place.. i will order the same thing i ordered the previous time i came cause i dont like change la. and stress rite if u order something new and it doesnt taste nice... how to finish? mom and dad not always around to b DBKL le! :P now i'm running out of things to type! but ms padma says it's perfectly alrite... cause ur mind thinks of other things as u think -.- excuse the weirdness of this whole thingy la... since NOTHING MATTERS... it's all the brains talking :P but yea... wat else about food?? i lovee carbonara!!! but my parents think otherwise! :( they never even tried it!!! :( :( they say white white like that... see d oso no appetite la.. -.-" and daddy's a RICE TONG! he eats rice and rice only! noodles on certain ocassions... but ask him to eat pasta?? NO!!! fish and chips? GOT RICE AR? -.-" so yea.. that's my dad! and he no likee bread... so means no pizza for the family... actually he doesnt mind us eating la... but he'll pout and say i'll eat something else instead... so then my MOM! will say nvm la.. we eat something else! then I WILL POUT... but??? no... NOBODY cares!!! *pouts* see what i mean? u can talk crap and it's perfectly alrite! i've got 2 more minutes! typin is not as painful as writing tho... cause when u write.. u get all excited... and u press ur pen down harder... it HURTS!!! :P we've got lots of types of food in malaysia.. but not all suit my taste buds la... me likee savoury foods.. who doesnt? mom says i get it from my dad.... oh well... i like tosai! actually it aint my fav... but that's wat came to my mind... so ya.. :P u all get wat freewriting is by now rite? i'm having a headache.. but yet i'm ere to blog! cause i know i got LOYAL readers! *wakakakka* k! time's up! tataz!

haha! yup! that's freewriting! hmm.. to those of you who are REALLY free... and if u have a blog... go do some freewriting! if u are wondering what to write about... how bout DOROTHY? *wakakakaka* :P

tomorrow.. i mean later in the morning... i'll be having english AGAIN! but later in the afternoon... it's SHOPPIN!!! *muahahahaha* finally!!! i get to be in touch with the outside world! i'm talking nonsense... gotta sleep now! nity nitez Malaysia! and which ever country u are reading my blog from! :D