Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sugar Rush

Mission-Have-Fun #2
Jo, guess who this retarded looking boy is! :P
got the answer?? :P
since he's so camera shy... we girls took pics of ourselves la :D

Foo, Dot and Em

iced VODKA anybody?

it's just water la! :P

oh no! the ice cream block's BLEEDING with choc fudge!!! :P
i still cant remember the full name of this thingy...
i should GO AGAIN to get its name stucked in my head :P
mommy says there must always be a balance of things... so havin ate sugar... it's SALT time!


it was 10 when we left Fridays... so we went to the Drive thru instead... but the queue was soO long that we decided it'd be faster if we just when into McDs to get the food! and true enuf! the queue barely moved when we came out -.- we parked rite beside the side door... so we got into the car.. and cut out to the queue... if u cant picture what i just said.. it's ok... just read on...

there was this car behind ours... and the guy at the passenger seat was CAM WHORING, can i repeat?? the GUY was CAM WHORING with his handphone!!! he even posed!!! aihz... Jay Sonn was like look LOOK! so we turned around and... AIHZ...

hence, we girls showed those pathetic boys what cam whoring REALLY is!


err... this pic not so nice la... cause we were half way laughing... and all we wanted to do is tell them that to cam whore, pls use a PROPER camera! (we even put on a FLASH on purpose :P) and it's a CHICK thing!

Jay looked at their expression.. and the same boy actually showed a PEACE sign... -.-"

i soO should have zoomed into the boy's face to show u all how pathetic the boy was!