Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CLiNg! CL@ng.. *oops* SURPRISE!!!

in less than an hour... FOO will be NINETEEN!!! :D

so we (the ever soO loving cell members- Jo, Jay, the other OTHER Jo [Jo Lynn], Liz, Grace, Amanda and Dot went to Foo's house to surprise her! :D)

however... mission almost GAGAL... cause:
#1 we got LOST! took the wrong turn *blushes* but nonetheless we arrived la.. :P
#2 Jo terpress the Honk!!! (thank goodness Leez didnt hear)
#3 the candle went off when we started walkin -.-
#4 somehow everybody stoned in front of the gate... (til Foo's mom saw us, thank God Foo didnt see us)
#5 when Leez's mom saw us... she OH-ed pretty loudly... (and Foo didnt suspect anything!)
#6 Liz pushed the gate too far in til it scratched the floor... (Foo was busy watching TV... *PHEW*)

so yes... SURPRISE!!! :D
Foo and Cake (it was a pretty cake =))
Uncle Foo (Foo's dad :P)
Clockwise from left: Jo, Jay, Basil (Foo's bro), Jo Lynn, Dot, Amanda, Liz, FOO and Grace


after eating the cake, Aunty Foo (Foo's mom) was soO kind to heat up a PIZZA for us!!!
YUMMY!! =)

half an hour more to go...

and not forgetting, my dearie all the way in the Land Down Under...
SUMI!!! Hapee burfdae!!! =)