Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm Leaving!!!

i wished i'd be leaving on a JET PLANE...

UNFORTUNATELY..... it's one of the buses in the Pudu Station *pouts*
i dont like that place! it's soO crowded and smokey!!! each time i go to ipoh... i'll ask my popo... "WHY did u move back to ipoh???" make my life so miserable only!

dont get me wrong, i LIKE Ipoh!!! FOOD!!! actually i only like the DIM SUM there la :P
i just dont like the journey there...

anyways.. HAPPY TOTS!

I'll be leaving tomorrow for ipoh, then goin to Penang for a 1 day trip (and MORE FOOD :P) with my relatives and popo. Then i'll be in Ipoh for 1 week... till the next Friday...

and guess what? i'll be goin to PENANG again (for Elaine's 21st birthday and MUCH MORE FOOD!!!) with my SWEETIES! (miss u gurls!)

i'll be back in civilization on the 12th, a Sunday =)

goodness! 2 weeks of no cell and no church... I'm sorry Jesus! and i'll miss my cellies too! u all be good k! =)

till then, dont miss me! :P