Friday, August 31, 2007

Made In Japan

title courtesy of a cina-pek at the scene :P
(this is NOT a FULL BLOWN word post, to see the images capture in it... use ur IMAGINATION! seriously... pls take time to read this WONDERFUL experience of mine =))

FINALLY!!! i've seen it with my very own eyes!!!

the fireworks were BEAUTIFUL!!!

as most of u may know... it's Malaysia's 50th anniversary... hence.. we're hosting a Malaysia Fireworks Competition Thingy... where International teams come to compete in Putrajaya... this competition has been going on for the past weeks.. teams have striked their thang... and TONITE was JAPAN's turn! (the pics u saw in my previous post was done by Italy)

this is how it all began... each competition nite... the fireworks went off at 10 pm... HOWEVER.. since it's Merdeka Eve... rumors had it that the show will ONLY start at 12 midnite... a drama happened at home.. my bro was super pissed... (he didnt manage to go tonite i guess... he's not home yet..)
ANYWAYS... my mom invited our neighbors to join our fireworks frenzy... and THANK GOD cause we were SOOOO close to not goin tonite... BUT the kids INSISTED that they go! Praise God for children! :D
so we decided to go for a joy ride with our fingers crossed at 9pm... (bear in mind that the show mite start at 10 OR 12... and the TRAFFIC!!!! was U.G.L.Y AND... the show would only last for 25 minutes) so off we sped!
it was 9.58 when we reached to the furthest we could go... we saw cars lining up in the middle of the road... so we decided to line up too! SMART MOVE! lots of ppl were at the other side of te road waiting... so we crossed the road... and waited toO!
the clock showed 10! but... the skies were clear as CRYSTAL! *ladilada* (you know the reason)

2 mins turned 2 HOURS!!! oh the AGONY of counting the MINUTES!!!


and right after i told the kids... ONE more minute....



I gave the MOST JAKUN-FIED expression i ever gave in my entire LIFE!!!

i gave the LOUDEST "WOOOOO!!!!" did i feel shy? (a lil.. :P) but it was WORTH IT!!!! cause the fireworks were BEAUTIFUL!!! (i know i mentioned it.. but... they were really REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!!)

of course there were some parts where we were like... err... can they speed up the process.. cause the patterns were like REPEATING themselves... BORING... but it's at that POINT... when u thot u could STEAL A BLINK...

a GIGANTIC ball of SPARKS would just BURST rite in front of ur eyes!!!

u must be wondering... y is dot talking.. and not PICTURE-ing...
i have to apologize... cause my bro insisted to take the cam... which at the end of the day DID NOT bring the cam along with him!!! i soO wanna kill HIM!!!

the few that i could remember clearly was one that burst out into such a HUGE ball... i tot it was coming rite at me that i took a few steps BACK!!!

it's so amazing to see the flames burst out, first in GREEN... then it ends in RED!

the one i LOVE the most is the one that BURSTS... and FALLS like RAIN!!! can u imagine urself standing beneath it??? it's soO totally ROMANTIC!!!! (when i see God... i will totally ask Him to do that for me!!! see.. standing under fireworks has its PROs and unfortunately CONs... Pro: u feel the romance... Con: u smell the smoke! this is what u get from HUMANS la... IMPERFECTIONS we call it... BUT!!! with GOD!!! HA! i believe it's gonna be like GOLDEN RAIN and it wont stink a bit! i cant wait to see Him right now!!! =) )

the creative ones...
when it burst.. the flames come out in a form of COMETS... and they flew around! pretty cool!
and the SHAPES!!! at where i stood... the shapes werent as obvious cause we were looking from the sides of the shapes... (see.. you are supposed to be IN THE STADIUM a.k.a u were supposed to PAY to watch...) the shapes blew up in an angle where it faced the audience IN THE STADIUM... but NONETHELESS! we saw some shapes :D STARS.. HEARTS (LOTS of them) and PLANETS!
some just burst out in MANY COLORS!!!

each time there was a few second pause.. u know u can expect a great BLAST coming up!
once we had this pause... and i just knew that cant be IT... and at that moment... we saw ONE small lil flame shooting up... and.... BANG! it opened up so BIG that it changed colors few times!!!

and i think Japan LOVES Dot! (btw... Dot's on their FLAG!!! :P) guess what was their FINALE???

the RAIN blast that i LOVEEE!!! but this time... it was HUGE!!!
we saw like many flames shooting up at once... we were like WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!
as the flames burst open... my jaw flung wide in awe!!
that particular moment lasted VERY long! it would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone with a camera to have MISSED that shot!

the 2nd of Sept will be the FINALE of the whole event!!! all u love birds out there *cough* Yue *cough* Sab *cough* what are u waiting for??? it is the MOST ROMANTIC moment to be in!!!

the 2 hours was worth waiting cause u get 25 minutes of CONTINUOUS blasts of BEAUTY!
so if u gals wanna go... I KNOW THE WAY! just provide the car... i'll lead u there! :D