Monday, August 06, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun #3

The Appetizer

Day 1 in Ipoh: Popo cooked dinner!!! (i left KL after lunch) she learnt new dishes from the cooking programs on TV, and the food tasted NICE! there was salted egg prawn with mayo and paper-wrapped-chicken (direct translation from canto: Zi Pao Kai :P)

Day 2 of Ipoh: My Aunt's family, popo and me went to PENANG! (will be goin again with my sweeties as i have mentioned before this weekend)

genius me!!! i forgot to pack my camera into my pouch... thank God Jason (my cousin) brought his! (but do excuse the lighting of some of the pictures ya)

on our journey
(fr left: Popo, Jason, Dot)

the magnificent BRIDGE

so many lines!
(erm.. the extra horizontal lines are from the lines on the screen of the car :P)

here's a name suggestion to all you parents to be!
Julia CHU LIA :D

...when asked what's sold in this place... no one knew...

spooky eh? my uncle's sister said that they open at night... maybe the younger generation of penang (aka Yue and Elaine) can tell me what goes on in this shop... the BLACK SHOP...

here's where we had our breakfast =)

some fried stuff called LO BAK

the authentic penang fried kuey teow

then we went shoppin in Gurney Plaza (didnt make it to Queensbay Mall cause it was out of the way) i was amazed with the mall! they even had VERSACE (is that how u spell it? sorry la... i dont have anything from there... and i never bother remembering its spelling :P) the place was pretty haps.
but since Penang's all about FOOD... we only took pics when we ate la :P
just when u think Kim Gary's standard's dropping... this place NEVER had a standard to begin with!!! the food was... AIHZ... it has taste... but... there's something different with taste and QUALITY lo!!!
today, my aunt got a call from my uncle's sis and she said 2 branches of the cafe CLOSED DOWN!!! *slaps self* if only we went to KIM GARY!!! *double slaps self*

oh! the ONLY plus point of this place! the only reason why i didnt want to leave the cafe after seeing the menu...


(cunning people! they played one of Lee Hom's concert's DVD!!! maybe that was why their food still seemed tasty)

Shark's Fin Soup!

erm... it was ok la.. i tried rolling 1 strand on my tissue... it didnt dissolve... so i guess it's real stuff la (it's RM 15... me no know how much will a real bowl of shark's fin soup cost *blushes*)

we got it for popo la...

see! so loves rite?? (just in case u cant see... it's me feeding popo with the shark's fin :D)

my dish! err... Fried Fish in Thai sauce
it wasnt spicy at all! STARCHY was it's name!
(didnt bother taking pics of the other dishes cause no very the interesting only la)
oh oh! then we went SHOPPIN!!! :D

in Baleno

(the IRONY!!! if some of you remember... i said i will never wear anything from Baleno cause ANDY LAU's their model... it's like WHY!!! of ALL the artists!!! *pfft*)

but my uncle was soO generous! he bought me 2 shirts! :D so i obediently accepted lo! *teehee* :P


we left Penang and had dinner in Nibong Tebal =)

our appetizer: CHAI KUEY (if my memory's correct la :P)



hehe! it was crab with crab eggs!!! :D

then the other dishes werent special... and the camera's battery was running low... almost DEAD... so only took pics of this 2 dishes lo)

then we headed back to Ipoh =)

i didnt get to eat curry laksa!!! i want, i WANT!!! Yue! must bring me go eat the BEST 1 k! :D