Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mission-Have-Fun #4

Double Trouble :P
woohoo!! 2 friends of mine turned 21 the past 2 days! Elaine on Sat and Basil yesterday (it's 1.36 am now)

as said MANY MANY times ago... i went to Penang with my sweeties for Elaine's birthday party! so ere are the pics taken during the party itself =)

while the girls were busy dressing up... we got a knock on our door... and to our HORROR when we opened the door...


(left-right: Nick (Ooi), Joseph and Ah Yung)

i was told that the idea was initiated by Nick (Yue... becareful ya :P)

say CHEERS to Pai T (i no know how to spell it la *blushes*)

it's the crispy cup thingy with turnip in it... DROOL-LICIOUS!

all those Pai-Ts were made by Yung
the Cake

(eh! Penang got GOOD cake k! it was YUMMY)

Joseph: ooh... can i have a bite?

Ah Yung: hmm... should i let Joseph have a bite?

Nick: (err...) is my zipper up?

Elaine (birthday gal) and the chics

Elaine and the Gigolos *oops* i mean the guys :P and 1 red eggie!

the Kissy TANs

(from left: TAN Yue Mei, Elaine TAN, Dot TAN)


she's the WOMAN!

Elaine and the couples

Nick and Yue

Chemmy and Ah Yung

Elaine and the Singles

the Dot


(she's not that single la... she just left her boo in KL)

hehe! u know them! :P

Kiwi and Cake =)

my sweeties and their Butterflies

On Sun... we had BBQ with Basil! :D

the NON BBQ-ed food
ever so Yummy-Licious

Ernie is 1 smart doggie

he totally sniffed out the food and jumped on me!

which caused me this reaction

HOHO! now for the BBQ part!!!

BBQ LAMB STEAK BABY!!! (with mint sauce!! ooh la LA!!!)

MORE cake

the Birthday Boy

here, the Dot wishes Elaine and Ba Foo a


(the TH is courtesy of the person that made an error on Ba Foo's cake :P)

p/s: ALL blur pics in this post were NOT taken by the Dot herself :P