Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sense-less T's

We (the cell members... names will be given in the pics below :P) stayed back for service to witness Evelyn and Eunice get baptized!!! WOOHOO!!! congrats gals! =)

fr left: Leeza, Em, EVELYN, Dot, Grace
us, in different positions with EUNICE =)
Jo went too! but she held the cam la... more pics are in the CELL BLOG :D

after service, we (Jo, Em, Leez and Dot) went to Curve for a lil aimless shoppin...
Leez and i got all hyper cause we were tired... and the T's below just got us all cracked up! :P

it says: the sweeting about me is i'm sweet the most exciting bout me is i'm the only one

Totally WICKED!

it says: WIG KED MOV IE

if u have no idea on what to buy for my birthday... buy these T's!!! not for me... but wear them on... so i can laugh my head off again! :P

captions on shirts are cute... but FYI: that only applies to those (captions) that MAKE SENSE!!!

Em, Leez and i each got a shirt ... u'll see it soon enuf! :P