Monday, August 27, 2007

When Sparks Fly

On Sat nite, my bro and dad went to Putrajaya to watch fireworks! (it's a competition thingy among nations and it was ITALY's turn!) well... to get into the stadium (or where the people could have the BEST view) would cost them ticket money la... so my bro and dad watched from AFAR... and among 200 pics my bro took... these are specially selected by the Dot! so enjoy! (u mite wanna click on the pics to enlarge it *if u can* for a better view =))

this is the prettiest among them all =)

finally, the HIGHLIGHT of the nite
HEARTS <3> (this cant be enlarged cause i changed its position -.-" FAIL!)
i believe there were prettier shots to be taken... unfortunately... my bro... aih... (well... it could be my cam... AIH...) but he still got these shots... so DONT complain! :P
the reason i didnt go cause i went for service and they soO kiasu didnt wanna wait for me!!! =(
it's not an every time thing that u get to watch sparks fly for 25 consecutive minutes!
i do hope they'll come back.. when i start workin... cause i wont mind paying to get a better view! =)
BUT!!! i had a fun nite too! with my girl fwens Jolynn and Rita (no pics taken cause my camera was with my bro lo...) but Subang Parade should so CHANGE their PARKING SYSTEM!!! kegagalan la! even SUMMIT has the machine thingy to collect the parking fees! ISH!
reminder: NEVER leave any mall at their closing hour (should be 10pm la..) ESPECIALLY Subang Parade! go to TGIF for MUDPIE!!! :P