Saturday, September 22, 2007


On the 20th of Sept 1986... something happened in the Land of Krispy Kream... Daniel Wuisan (i dunno the rest of his name) was BORN!!! NO!!!! :P
and so we went to some Seafood Restaurant in SS2 (forgot to take a pic of the restaurant's name... my bad *blushes*) to celebrate his BIG day!

the Birthday Boy- Daniel
the Dot tryin to serve tea!
that's 1 big POT! i bet it's heavier than all my fats combined! :P


Yam Basket/ Bowl :P
Herbal Chicken
Curry Fish with Tofu... and Squid...

Kangkong Belacan
Fried Calamari
Pork... PORK!
HAM SAP Fish! (cont reading for the reason of name callin)


contestant #1- GRACE (junior pig)

contestant #2- AMANDA (senior pig)

both fighting for the title... *drum rolls* MOTHER OF ALL PIGS!!!

the battle BEGINS...

Kim: gal... u sure u ok? it's just a title... u can always compete again nx year!

Grace: I will SURVIVE!!!

Amanda... slow and steady...

the question lies... WHO WILL WIN???

Amanda: Aih... i shall retire la... let the younger ones win la...
*applause* THE CHAMPION OF THE BATTLE OF THE PIGS, with the title... MOTHER of ALL PIGS goes to... GRACE LIM!!! (for that... the Dot says... Grace, YOU ROCK! =)) *applause continues*

ooh! and all that's left...

the poor herbal chicken...
no suggestion/ review forms were needed la... even the Mother of ALL PIGS (which abbr should i give her ar?? M.O.P? M.A.P? M.O.A.P?? i personally like M.O.P :P) didnt like it!
so need I say more? :P

now for the LONG waited HAM SAP Fish!

check out that HORNY smile!!! it's soO gonna give me nitemares tonite! :S

what's WORSE!!! we've found some Fish-O-Philo(S) among us!!!

Check out the PASSION!!! i mean... THE HORROR!!!!!!

Ham Sap Fish: MUAHAHAHAHA! i'm one lucky FISH!

the followin pic is 18 PL, SX, SG what-ever-else-that-the sensorship-board-has la!

Somebody STAB My EYES!!!
happy tots Dot HAPPY TOTS!!!! :P
The People:

Jo and Rita

The Boys

Dot and the birthday boy

now... no 21st bday will be complete without a lil TORTURE!!! *MUAHAHAHAHA*
apparently Daniel hates Durians... it's like SH*T to him! UNGREATFUL HAMSTER! (he's known in the cell as Hamtaro- Nickname courtesy of Em!)

so what better way to CELEBRATE?? *MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA*
we told him his bday gift was in the Durian... somewhere within the flesh...
well... anyone would have knew that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stuff ANYTHING into the flesh of DURIAN without messin it up...
BUT Daniel being Daniel... he naive-ly believed us and continued squishing the POOR KING even after givin several claims that we were cheating him... AIH!!!!
after 10 mins of amusing ourselves... we pitied the DURIAN...

so we gave him his prezzie! (it's really from TOPMAN k! :P)


p/s: pics are limited due to the non-camwhore friendly environment... waiters shouting "HOT WATER" like every minute... and there were almost a 100 people sitting within a 100 meters' radius from us.. so SHY la.. :P HOWEVER!!! FOO caught some funny pics! hop on to her blog for MORE! =)