Saturday, September 22, 2007


It's Yeem's birthday!!! and yet... it's the day Yen's leaving to Scotland...
so what do you get when u celebrate a birthday in KLIA at 1 hour... and prepare ur GOODBYE speech the next?

a FUSION of feelings:

on our way to the airport when the emo-ness hasn't sunk in
at KLIA walking around while waiting for the bday gal to come.... we spotted this!
click to read =)
Yeem's Birthday "Cake"
it was Cheryl's bday too! =)
the birthday gals
see the crowns on their heads :D
September Babies!! Happy Burfday Gurls!! *muax*
Yeem: it's MY turn to wish?
Cheryl: u sure? i tot u wished just now! it's MY turn!
on-lookin frens: AIH... this happens ALL the time... (:P)
guess Yeem won the it's-MY-turn-to-wish battle :P
now that it's Cheryl's turn to wish... she cant think of what to wish -.-" hehe!
Antiques Unite! :D
Dont i look hot in those glasses! :P

my antiques =)
there goes another MANGKUK... *sobbs*

hehe! a gurl's gotta eat ma :P
Pui Yee got Carrere's kissy germ... i think Carrere does a better job! *Bo*Bs* :P

Yen and the GROUP! hehe!
Yen and Family
the Cry BABIES... *tsk tsk tsk* :P

the REASON we cried...
(i must so work on the capturing this MOMENT! it always turns out blur! *ISH*)
this is a lil better! but she isn't lookin up!! *pout*
once again... SPOT THE DIFFERENCE:

... and there were FOUR...