Thursday, October 11, 2007


Part (i lost count :P) #8: Under the Sea

at the Merang, Terengganu jetty while waiting for our boat to get to Redang...

honestly speakin... i got pretty excited at the sight of fishies! (btw.. the pic above shows some tiny fishies) but only to give myself a smack on the head...
dot's monologue:
WHAT WAS I THINKIN! brown water and fishies and i'm all excited already??? i'm goin to REDANG babeh!!!
so i calmed me self down and waited for the boat :P

*muahahaha* at REDANG! the jetty again... waiting for the boat to go SNORKELING!!! :D

*ahem* these were the THINGS to SEE!

kononnya la! all i saw were sea cucumbers... LOTS of them! table coral- UBER big ones! so what if u have a MARBLE table?? :P and the Christmastree Worm =)
(btw... the things stated above were seen at the DEEP sea snorkeling trip... we went for FEEDING TIME 1st :P)

15 mins journey... a camera in my bag... hmm... what else to do? :P
hoiyo! even our boat rides were ADVENTUROUS! our boat SMOKED! thank God we didnt have to put on our life jackets and start snorkeling there and THEN! :D

anyone up for a PRIVATE beach?
FREEDOM (only applies to ppl that know how to SWIM! :P)

MARINE PARK!!! (owned by our government, ONE project that is SUCCESSFUL!)

Feeding of fishes took place here =)

now WHAT's at the park?

FLOWERS? well.. YEA! underwater flowers= CHORALS!!! :D

cute animals?? underwater... COLORFUL FISHIES!!! :D
now WHAT fun would it be to see the fishies just from the top? let's take a STROLL around the PARK shall we?
through WIND

and waves

ENTER the seemingly calm sea...
hold my hand as we begin our journey
(*slap* that aint no plastic bag! we're at REDANG! NOT Port Dickson! :P it's a REAL BIG jellyfish!)

yeap! that's ur Dot!
Dot's MERMAID moment! this 1 really mermaid moment! cause the fishes are just BESIDE me! i'm SWIMMING with them! :D

cousin and niece feeding fishies

the pictures look so unreal! it somehow seems photoshop-ed... but it's REAL!!! each pic u see cost RM 5!!!

check out the FISHES!
when i say CRYSTAL...

u say CLEAR! :D

the pics above are taken from both my snorkeling trips... views of the Dot from the boat trips... but i forgot when i filed them... i messed up its order... if i rearranged them.. u wont be able to click for larger views.. hence the whole RHYME thingy :P