Monday, December 31, 2007


It has been a year of ups and downs for me...
Ups being the things that went smoothly... my studies, the fun i had...
Downs being the times that i know something's just not right, it's like i lost the passion... i lost the excitement... i just felt LOST! (it's kinda hard to describe cause most wont understand... so i shall skip the EMO part to the VICTORIOUS part!!!)

i'm ever grateful to You, because in You i'm FOUND!!!!

most of you might know that i went for the BEST YOUTH CAMP ever!!! (*ahem* not because i'm in the committee this year.. but because it gets BETTER every year! :D)

here are some pics that i took of the CHAMPIONS of me HEART *drumrolls* *drumroll continues* :P MAWSON PEAK!!!!

this is a summary of what they did for the skit presentation in the camp...

Brian (red) a smoker... has a friend Isaac (blue) a believer...

One by one, life and promises of the World turned their back against Brian... the Doc told him he has cancer of the lung... his wife and son left him... his boss threatens to FIRE him...

Is there anymore HOPE for Brian???
In this pic...
Isaac: No... Dont jump!!!
(however... something i dont understand... y is he smiling???)

Never give up, Jesus loves you, and He'll NEVER forsake you!

The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, BUT Jesus came to give life and life ABUNDANTLY!!!

(to all my dearies, at times of trials in this comin New Year, remember this: Anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus will be saved :) )

callin all believers!!!
Gear up! GO! Tell the WORLD!!!

for Everybody ought to know... that JESUS LIVES!!!!

give it up for....
with the FAITH of Mawson Peak,
Mountains CRUMBLE at our feet!!!
Amen? :D
The setting of the sun marks the end of 2007
All Good memories are held tightly
As for emo times... let them set with the sun
Look forward to the horizon, a new work has BEGUN!

To ALL my dearies, may ALL your wishes and dreams come true in the Coming Year!
thanks for being there for me!
Love all of you LOTS!!!!