Sunday, July 06, 2008

p/s Yeem...

On that Gloomy and Light-less morning (it was 0630 :P), we- Ian (driver), Carol, Carrere and Dot left our comfy beds and maneuvered across wind and oil palm estates in search of the Landing Pod for Flying Objects (a.k.a KLIA)

to send our darling Ley Yeem off to Sabah

6G (the name of our std 6 class) oldies UNITE! (btw, we were in the same class since std 1)

the best friends BEFORE coffee
the best friends AFTER coffee... ('facial spasm' we call it :P)

Carrere and Yeem
while walking to the gate...

Yeem: eh Dot! stop takin pics of me la...

Dot: *SNAPS* :P
that's the gateway that SUCKED my friend in... *sobs*

p/s Yeem: here's the answer to ur question...


and i wish u ALL THE BEST over there!!! =)