Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chop Chop!

i actually took a pic of my before look... but then i accidentally deleted it -.-
so we just take a look at the process la k!

i've got ppl asking me...
u dont want to keep long hair ar?
well... i dont smile as happily when i had long hair... that's thru my observations when i looked back at past pics taken la..
so CHOP lo! :P

and i think i like Black and White pics... they kinda tell a story :D

oh ya.. an after pic?
i've not taken any gaya pics after i chopped my hair...
this is the only 1 i have
the squint was due to the sun i was facing!
pic was taken at our outdoor model shoot for me photography class assignment.
clearly... i wasnt the model la! :P