Sunday, January 25, 2009


but i cant really think of anything.. or maybe i have something on my mind.. but i'm just lazy to put them into words :P

well.. but for the benefit of me faithful readers...

here's something random...


i had this WEIRD dream last nite!

dreamt of a flying prawn... yes.. u read right... PRAWN! it flew like a cockroach!!!
mind u.... a prawn's bigger than a cockroach lo!! and it isnt exactly the prettiest thing alive... *shivers*
i think it attacked... well.. it didnt fly straight at me la.. but it was in the same room as me! so it posed as a threat to the Dot toO! hence we'll use the word "attack" :D
so yea... 1st there was the FLYING prawn...
1st it was like it's original worm-looking shape... but then!! it turned into a pancake-looking thing!! ROAR!!!
it was fighting an ANT (as we all know.. centipedes are poisonous.. so i expected the ant to die pretty fast la.. but miraculously it survived!)
then the centipede shape shifted and came towards me!
my bro tried to kill it.. with a broom -.-
even in my dream i thot... that's impossible! the centipede so hard.. the broom so soft... sigh...

heh! u all still with me?

some WEIRD dream hoh? oh well... not been sleeping well these few nights.. kept waking up to pee.. :P too much info i know.. hehe!

well.. that's all for now! until i dream of...

OH!! i've been dreaming of using a NEW cam TWICE in a row!!! hehe!

now lets hope that dream comes true alright! :D