Monday, February 09, 2009

What a Wake Up Call

this morning, we really got a bad wake up call when my aunt told us that my kong kong mite not make it because he was complaining of being dizzy and weak, saying that he's gonna pass and asking to see my popo for the very last time cause he thinks he's gonna die.. it's always scary when old ppl say that, because it seems like they know when their time's up...

mom and dad had to rush to send popo back to ipoh.. whereas i had to stay home to finish my accounts assignment (pathetic i know).

thankfully by noon, i got news from my cousin that kong kong's fine. They rushed him to the hospital.. my aunt had to go into the ambulance (now as much as it would be some experience to BLOG about... that's one car that i DO NOT want to ride in! dont think i could bear with the anxiety of sitting beside a loved one as i watch him/her fight for his/her life...)

The doc said that my kong kong's sugar level dropped.. that's why he had those scary symptoms.
The ward docs will be back tmr (after the Thaipusam break) and they will check on my kong kong. Hopefully they will give us good new too!

Thanks to all my dear cellies for praying along with me!
and also to my sweeties that have been encouraging me!
Love u all to Bits!! MUAX!