Wednesday, July 22, 2009


last week i had cravings for pancakes... but the only economical pancakes available were sold in McDs and only during breakfast hours.. but nobody i know nor i would want to get up so early just to satisfy my as-if-i'm-pregnant cravings...

cooking it myself would be an option (if only i had the mix at home... no.. mixing it myself... lets not get there shall we? :P)
but then again... *recalls the image of the pancakes i made the last time*
sighs... my brother can testify to it... they looked more like scrambled eggs than pancakes... sighs...

BUT!!! this time around...
mom's very lovable friend.. i have no idea who she is.. but she's still lovable because she gave my mom a non-stick pan!!!
so i asked mom to get a box of pancake mix from Giant...

*cuts long story short*

aint it a beauty?
seriously... this is the FIRST time i made such nice golden pancakes! :D
*smiles in pride* :P
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