Friday, November 06, 2009


my trusty HP printer finally succumbed to old age 2 weeks ago... (when i had to print my assignment!!! thanks Yue for helping me out then :D)

so we decided to get a new 1 =)
kor say Canon is better than HP
but in my opinion.. it's SLOWER!!! ROAR!

well.. maybe it's cause...

this printer has 3 functions!!!
besides printing, it can copy and scan too! how cool is that? (excuse my jakun-ness... but this IS new to the Dot :P)

on top of all the coolness of this new gadget...
DOT INSTALLED and SETUP-ed THE PRINTER ALL BY HERSELF!!! (you've REALLY gotta give me some credit... cause it's DOT we're talking about here! heh! :D)

On another end, my phone bill has been peaking due to the increase of non-Maxis-user friends that i have...
positive point to note: i have MORE frens XD
negative point... it's increased my bill by 50% :(
so after some consideration, i decided... since u cant beat em'
i'm half a DiGi user now... my loyalty still goes to Maxis cause it took me SO MANY tries just to add Friends on that Family and Friends thingy! pfft!
but now that i have a DiGi number, i THINK i am saving a lot la... we'll see when this month's bill comes *fingers crossed* XP