Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Hunt is Finally Over!! :D

hehe... as some of you know... i was on a jeans hunt. And today, it's finally over. Cause i bought me self a pair! yipee!! And it's for a resonable price. (i so good girl hoh? :P)

2day in class... got oral presentation! It was about religions in Malaysia. We had 2 draw lots 2 see which group speaks of which religion. And of all the religions given... i just had to pick the paper with Sikhism in it!!! (I was praying that my group would get Christianity... but... sigh...) i knew nuts bout Sikhism!! Thank God my lecturer allowed us to get info from the net :D It turned out well. I got 5/5!! Thank You Jesus!!

Now, i'm happily eating potato sticks :D
Smile for tomorrow's just a sun rise away!! Love ya!