Monday, July 10, 2006

Football Fever -.-"

Dot and football... do u see any connections there?? :D However, i actually went for the worldcup finals!! (tot to self: since it's once every 4 years... aiya... go and join the hype la :P)

The game was kinda boring due to 2 reasons:
1) France team got no proper communications 1!!! Poor Henry charge so hard but no 1 to pass to
2) I don't really understand the game and i don't know the players
(hence, i was quite quiet during the match. didnt want to say anything memalu-fying)

Consequences for staying up til 5am:
1) I was very tired at work
2) Got lots of paper cuts (ouch rite?? :'( )
3) Became so grumpy and upset with my day til i nearly cried in public (so drama hoh?? well... welcome to dot's life :P)
*There were other reasons to why i nearly brokedown la... for example... MALAYSIAN PEOPLE & BANKS!!!
I was helping a China student get his bank account done. But oOh! Those staff just took their own sweet time to process the documents. And to make things worst... their printer koyak!! i had to stand there 4 AN HOUR!!! (maybe for some of you an hour is nothing... but sori la... i'm not as strong as some of you *blushes* and ya... the bank got NO chairs!!)

But all of it ended when i finally reached home at 4. Bathed and ZzZ (finally!! i got to sleep)
Now got assignments to do :s