Tuesday, July 11, 2006

soO sweeet!

Yesterday my gums were in pain... today still painful :( anyway... so i asked my mom if she could make any tong sui (for those that don't understand cantonese... it means sugar water :P i still love ya!! it's like herbal tea or dessert la... to reduce heatiness :D)

This morning, she made the sea coconut dessert :D my mom loves me!! my gums still hurt but aiya! they'll get better eventually. :)

Today i didnt have class or work. It's a happy day! Woke up arnd 10.30am then napped at 3pm!!
(prayed b4 i napped. this week we'll be praying for our families- As for me and my house, we're gona serve the Lord!!)

I just finished part of my assigments. Will do the rest tomorrow :D Supposed to tell jow liie my insignificant stories... but that poor girl had to sleep early cause she had a long day. Will tell her some other day then.

i realise i am CRAPPING!! wahahahaha!
*blushes* :P that's cause today i didnt really use my imaginations. I did have a dream when i was napping (but i shall keep that to myself :P)

nity nitez Malaysia!! God bless ya ;)