Thursday, July 13, 2006

Into Your Hands

Yesterday was kinda dramatic for me. Nth special happened in class. Some uncle came and talked bout karate (i agree with yue mei, it was... BORING!!)

Then went for CF... but sadly... no meeting!! so went for LEO lo.. wah! the uncle that came to give the talk was kinda... sad... according to my friends, he was shivering!! -.-" (i was soO hungry by that time) then he said "we shall elect our board members" (but but but... I'm HUNGRY!!!) He took forever to write the names of the candidates. (can't blame him la... he doesn't know us ma..) So being as considerate as I am (actually to speed things up so i can MAKAN!! :P) i volunteered to write for him la. And guess what?? i was voted as the secretary (not so much as voted la... it was a yes-you-will-be-the-secretary situation >.<)

Then went for some test thingy to qualify myself as a board member which was set by the college. (pathetic eh?)

And the drama begins!! My coll frenz and i went for our subs selection for our nx sem. And we realized it's gonna be a stressful sem for us. Poor Yue and me (U & me :P) have to work summo!!! wah sei... so hoh.. the drama reached it's climax when i cried in my room cause i had no idea how was i gonna survive the sem. The feeling of being uncertain came again...

But as i recall on how i felt ytd... it was kind of silly hoh?? after cryin, i started praying. Y waste those tears?? Y should i be stressing over something that my Heavenly Father has FULL control of? So... into His hands i will commit my future for He knows what's best for me. And...
"I can do ALL things through Christ who strenghtens me! ;)"

*note to all readers of this blog: Feeling uncertain of your future?? Call upon the name of the Lord and be saved- His name is Jesus :)

God bless ya and Hugs*