Saturday, July 29, 2006


Is it my birthday?? (*hint* it's in Sept :P)
Then why remember today??? Well... Cause today's THE day i met my FIRST accident!!! SIGH...
Some of you might ask... How did it happen?? Didnt this girl fail her driving test?? Did she kill anyone?? Is it safe to be on the road now considering she might be just round the corner (eh! my driving not that bad la... i hope... :P)
Ever since that failure... the ever whacky dot still is whacky... but... when it came to driving and cars... the tot of it gave her the shivers. The sound of engine failures gave her the creeps and she no longer had the courage to drive. (wahahaha! so drama hoh??)

But yea.. i was kinda afraid of the test cause i'm afraid of engine failures (who isnt??) so... my very brave parents suggest that i practice for the test with my dad's car. Why didnt i do that earlier?? Answer: Cause my smart dad & bro said that the car's very heavy. But since i'll only be driving on straight roads... I attempted my dad's Mazda 626 (For those of you that wonder "what's that?"... it's a very old car)

The Drama begins...
Dad drove to the factory area, stopped under the bridge. Then we changed seats. I drive, dad yells... dad continues yelling...

Dad: Girl, keep left and when you reach the junction, turn left. (it's that kinda junction where it's has a divider. You can choose to stop or turn left)
So... I slow down and change gear lo... then...
Dad: Girl, must look right to see if got cars coming.
So... being obedient, i LOOK right lo... Then, being stupid, i kept on looking right did not break. And... guess what??? So clever... I drove straight to the divider!!! Dad's reflects quite fast, he managed to turn the steering wheel. But... the car was faster! So the side of the car crashed against the divider lo...

Dad: What were you doing?? Didnt you see the divider??
Me: I'm sorry... so so sorry...
Dad: Stop at the side (gets down)
Me: (gets down too)
Dad: See what've you done!
Me: Kept quiet (cause i didnt really see any damages la :P)
Dad: (points to the driver seat) Get in.
Me: Oh!! i can still drive??
Dad: Of course.
The difference between Dad and JPJ... my daddy loves me!!!

I continued driving... dad didnt yell d... maybe he was still in shock la :D but he did correct me on and off. Then bro called. So we changed seats again and dad drove to pick bro up.

Then... what happened next quite the predictable la... bro saw the dent... then dad told bro the story. Went home... told mom. Dad checked his car again... realised the tyre got CUT!!! There goes another shopping spree!! He went to the machanic... 2 tyres cost rm 230!!!

Parents asked me to postpone my driving test but the uncle say cant. If i insist on changing the date, must pay RM 60!!! (crazy rite??? these ppl earning easy money man!!!) As for now... CRASH COURSE!!! will go practice again tmr. Please pray for me!!!