Monday, July 31, 2006


so many unsignificant things to say... but i'll say them anyway :P

On Sunday, went down to KL after service cause had to buy bus tickets to Ipoh for my uncle's wedding (uncle may sound a lil old... he's only in his late 20's or early 30's) It's been a while since i last attended a wedding dinner... but anyways... after buying the tickets, dad asked "so where to go for lunch ar??" (we could see Times Square from the bus station) So since they visited that place WITHOUT me... i kept on pointing towards the building. But guess wat??? my dad ignored me :'( and... my always so brilliant mom suggested we go PETALING STREET!!! (of all the places!!!)

But when we reached P.S, i was like... "WHOA!" So many things to see... pirated stuff everywhere!!! Watches, shoes, bags, accessories... even fruits!!! There were lots of tidbits too! (all the sweet stuffs la) My all time favourite... MUA CHI!!! (they sold them in tiny boxes, two per box. It was RM 1.20 per box. Mommy bought the last box. Yipee!!) Then, i was stumbled when i saw... LEVI's jeans for RM 34.90!!! "The power of the decimal point--> [.] (which happens to be my trademark. Boy am i important!! :P)" In case some of you are as naive as i was... a pair of ORI Levi's jeans is at least RM 200. And the more fancy ones are about RM 349.00!! (That's like 10x different!!!) I can pengsan!!

Then i saw something funny. I think it was at the centre point of the street, at the crossroad. On one of the walls was a sign saying: "Dilarang Menjaja Barangan Cetak Rompak" (which means, pirated goods are not allowed to be sold) I was like... "HUH??" The whole street is filled with pirated goods! Sighz... But anyhow, i had a good time window shopping.

While waiting for my mom at the bus station (she went to get the tics alone cause she say i walk too slow :P) the DJ from lite & easy (i know this station to some of u aka Emily Wong is kinda old skul... but i like! Imagine yourself in a candle lite dinner with your guy... what sort of music will the restaurant play?? Don't Cha by Pusscat Dolls or Numb by Linkin Park?? Love me tender by Elvis will be a great song. Dont u think so?) Where was I?? Oh ya... the DJ said... SMILE! cause by smiling, endorphin a kind of hormone (if my Bio's still corecct :P) is created. And it's known to reduce pain and sickness cause by negative emotions such as headaches...
After P.S. i went home, bathed... and this came to my mind... And i would like to dedicate this to Sabrina ( i know u had a rough week so this one's for you. MUAX!) But it's nothing canggih la :D

Bubbling Smile (title courtesy of SABRINA)
Smile, smile, smile your tears AWAY,
Smile, for a smile could brighten someone's day;
Smile, smile, smile til your hurts are GONE,
Smile and wait for the coming of the dawn.

Like i've said in my previous post, i had an accident. And my dad had to change the tyres. Actually i trashed 1 tyre only la (which i know is bad enuf :S) But cause of some balancing thingy, my dad had to change both lo... so like i mentioned, it's RM 230 in total... sighz..
So what happened to the 1 i trashed??
In a tyre, there are strings (it's the best word i could find... wire sounds very electrical, cable even worst... pipe's... just wrong. So we'll settle with STRINGS la :P) The strings are to prevent the tyre from "exploding" due to the heat caused by the friction of the tyre against the road (fuiyo!! like so good in my physics rite?? :P) And... the strings... SNAPPED due to the impact!! keng le?? By the time my dad drove the car to the workshop... a part of the tyre bloated up d... stress-nya... so he had no choice but to change the tyres lo...

That's all for now,
God bless & Hugs!


the cHoCoLaTe pot~ said... sweet.i thought of a title rhym "bubbling smile" really thank u for so understanding my hard week!but is really touch that u will be there for me all the time...*hugs* muaxxX may God Bless us!


-dot- said...

haha! i shall add that to the rhyme. that's wat frens r 4!! God bless n loves!