Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Four Lettered Word

No... i'm a SWEET gal! i dont use foul words. I'm talking about LOVE!!
What is LOVE??
L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one i see
V is very very extraordinary
E is for every one that you adore
L.O.V.E was made for ME & YOU <--- (look for the arrow somewhere below :D)
(hopefully i got my lyrics right :P)

Where is the LOVE- song sung by... Black Eyed Peas (i think ><")
Let's look into a couple of cases by "Sher-dot Holmes?" (i know it's lame... :P)
Case 1
Just a few days ago, my aunt called and told me that my grandfather was admitted to a hospital. Like i've mentioned in my previous post, i care lots bout my grandparents. So that news wasnt really a smile bringing one. He had diabetise before he went back to Ipoh. Then after he went back... his kidneys started to fail!! And now my aunt's telling me that the doc said my Gfather's heart's kinda weak... All these... My grandma doesnt know. (Her eyes are recovering. Praise the Lord!! :D)
So yea... back to LOVE. Although it may seem as if my grandparents quarrel all the time, but does that mean they dont love each other?? Before this year's CNY, my Gdad had some complications with his liver (old man d... lots of physical breakdowns). My Gma came down to KL with my aunt to visit my family. Before she left (again... :'( ) in tears, she told me she was afraid that my Gdad mite not make it for CNY. If she does not love him... will she even care??

And you know how elderly people get back aches and... basically aches everywhere la... my Gma has aches on her legs... arthritis... back then when my Gdad was healthy and all, he would massage her legs everynite! How sweet is that?? (oh boy! i'm tearing again!! eh... i'm no cry baby k... i just get emotional easily. Cryin is good! Wait till i start my psycology class then i'll get some facts to back that up :P) Oh well... he grumples as he massages. He says things like "you know your legs are weak... then try not to wet them ma" So cute eh??

In my opinion... they quarrel cause that's how they show affection to one another. Well... no one thought them how to be lovey dovey and all... and it's an Asian thing that we dont express our love verbally or thru our actions... sad case... But then again... the generations after my grandparents... they are more lovey dovey... so what?? Look at the statistics of divorce cases! another sad case!!
What happened to "til death do us part"??
Is there TRUE LOVE out there??

case 2
"All for LOVE the Heavens cried, for LOVE was CRUCIFIED" <--- LOVE died for me & you
Ever thought of DYING for the one you love?? How would you feel if someone died for you?? Happy? Proud? Guilty? or ETERNALLY GREATFUL??
John 3:16 For God so LOVED the world that he gave His ONLY begotten Son. That whoever should believe in Him shall not perish but have ETERNAL LIFE.
I ran out of things to type... cause i believe actions speak louder than words. He (Jesus) did it all, paid the price that you and i wont die in HELL.
Is this another fairy tale about some guy??
Thankfully, He DIDNT just die... He ROSE from the dead!!! (and... we've got historians to prove that ;) ) Therefore... it's TRUE!!
I chose to believe and i never regretted a second of it!

In conclusion of my tiny speculation, i dare say that TRUE LOVE is rite beside you, Knocking on your heart. Are you gonna answer?? You decide ;)

Dear Yue Mei, this one's for you ;)
Goodbyes are painful,
Just as goodbye kisses are hurtful;
Time is ticking,
He is leaving;
But dont cry mate,
Cause TRUE LOVE waits.

God Bless & Hugs ;)


the cHoCoLaTe pot~ said...

so sweet ler...hehe~but then when each another quarel is the BEST part to know each another more(but not to encourage u or other ppl who is reading this to QUAREL la)haha~so just think posi+ive hehe~love ya...muaxxX

bubbling whacky *SaB*

-dot- said...

haha! yes... quarrel out of love... hm... so deep :P guess it's the point of time when they realised they've messed up and apologise. That's the priceless moment.