Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Groom--> told ya he was nervous and stressed out :P
The Bride -->This is the best pic i have of her (Excuse: She was looking down and she was WALKING!!) *Truth: I'm a unexperienced camera girl ><"*
Menu of The Day: OTAK UDANG (it means stupid in BM--> so harsh rite??)
The CHEF (my cousin)

Beauty & The Beast :S (don't blame me... they chose that song *ignore the leaf*)

As you might notice, most of the pics i took are from the LCD screen that's cause i'm 40 tables away from the stage!!



~Leez~ said...

hah... you mean the song... "tale as old as time..."

they played it??


nice pics... so studio-like...

i want your camera...

-dot- said...

*blushes* i'm confused... but anyway... yeap they did! So wrong eh??

>.<" my fren just commented in my chatbox that i'm a poor camera girl :D (r u being sarcastic?? -.-)

Anonymous said...

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