Monday, August 07, 2006

When Two Becomes One

Last Saturday, I attended a wedding dinner in Ipoh. My uncle tied the knot!! I didnt attend the other ceremonies cause i wanted to teman my popo ma :P So i shall tell you bout the dinner.
It was in THE most famous hotel (I suppose) in Ipoh, Hotel Shyuen (something like that la :P)

The ambience...
... was pretty nice, had candles, helium balloons, very pinkish. Now speaking bout candles... when you burn a candle... obviously it'll go out at a point of time rite??? As one of the candles near my table was about to burn out, the VERY "Smart" waiter go blow it out. But... i guess all the wax melted d... but there's still a lil wick left la... so... it got smoky!!! (by then, the waiter left d la... and none of the waiters around bothered to remove the remains of the candle!! aih...)
Tick tock, tick tock... 5 minutes.... 10 minutes... 15 minutes later!!! My uncle cant tahan d... so he ask the waiter to something about it. And guess what?? The waiter took a ROSE to stop the burning!! (oh ya... the candle stand was decorated with roses and ferns) Poor rose...

The Groom (my uncle la)
He looked kinda stressed out, who wouldnt?? It's his BIG day and obviously he would want everything to run smoothly.
He had this porcupine hair style... (he's a guy ma... what else can he do to his hair?? shave it?? :S) And he sounded super nervous when he gave his speech. He thanked everybody, even the bride's brothers but forgot bout his OWN brother!! (well... he made it up finally la... he even said "I Love YOU Kor!! *so sweet*)
He was asked to describe how he proposed. It happened in Macau. It was a surprise thingy (duh!) And so... they were in front of some old chapel... the bride was on the steps, video camming my uncle and my uncle was... not on the steps :P He held a box (the ring!!) in his hands, and asked his bride-to-be-at-that-time to zoom in. And so she did. The next part quite -.-" la cause she cant see anything!! (or maybe she saw that the diamond was too small so she pretended to not see anything *oops* :P) So... my uncle had to run up the steps to her, shove the ring in fornt of her and knelt down (ah!!!) And he asked the ultimate question... well... according to my uncle, before he managed to finish"...m... (that was suppose to be "me" la) his bride to be was like YES YES YES!!! (now we know how desperate she was *oops*)

The Bride (a new addition to the Wong family!! *why Wong?? well... my uncle and i quite the distant relative la..)
She was pretty. Nervous too... (and again... who wouldnt?? ;) )
When the Emcee asked her if what my uncle described was true, she said yes (so it is confirmed that she was DESPERATE :P)

The Food (The interesting part :D)
They stole my idea!!! They played "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast when they served the 1st dish. Ish!! (not that i've started planning for my wedding la *blushes*)
The food was good. But hoh... everything was STEAMED!!! aihz... what to do?? As i looked around me... I SEE OLD PEOPLE!! :P since the food was good, i shall not complain. I ate FISH LIPS!!! can you believe it??? EEW!!! but... it tasted better then sharks fin soup! hmm... It's just the thot of... where did the fish's lips went ar??? that grossed me out :S

The Kisses
They kissed 3 times!!! I brought a camera (just in case some of you are wondering... then where are the pics??? err... sori ya... my bro la!! i ask him to upload until now also havent do!! I cant upload myself cause i dont have the hardware :( )
So... i tried snapping pics la... but hoh... being the lack of experience camera-girl i am.. i was kinda lagging la!! They kissed TWICE and i missed it!! sighz... but thank goodness for their Emcee friend that insisted that they kissed again but this time with a twist. They will have to kiss as long as the crowd remains clapping (wahahahha!! more than enough time for me to get a pic la!!)

The Yam Seng(s)
Like every chinese wedding dinner... they have this "cheers" part.... before they Yam Seng with the guests... they have to pour the champagne ma... As the bride and groom poured the champagne, they played a familiar tune... I was like "it cant be..." cause... of all the songs in the world... they played BEAUTY & THE BEAST!!! Question is, WHO is the BEAST?? :S (i wonder who chose the songs... :P)
We did 3 toasts, as expected, the last toast will be the longest 1 la... but... what i did not expect was... a big POP (or should i say a BANG!!) after the last toast! Confetti was everywhere... It was a nice scene but the shock it gave me!! I was just bout to drink my coke and BANG! I jumped and my glass hit my teeth. So memalufying!! *blushes*

The -.-" part
My grandaunt... my uncle's mom danced!! It was an ultimate case of Siok Sendiri!! When she went up the stage with my uncle, i thought Wow! i wil cry if i they dance together... (i'm a very dramatic person just in case you've not noticed until NOW!!) But! my imaginations went down the drain when they played some upbeat song and my grandaunt started her... act... -.-"

The Lumz part (so loves...)
The proposal itself was kinda romantic, dont you gals agree?? (Speaking bout romantic proposals... i bet most of you have watched Bon Jovi's music video for All Bout Lovin You *altho the song kinda olsd skul d... but it's the most romantic proposal that I've came across!!! *blushes*) Then my uncle sang to his bride!! It was a song by... Cheng Chung Kei (i think that's he spells his name :D) Song title: Sam Sang Yau Hang (it's in cantonese) It means BLESSED.
Although he cant really sing... partly also shy la... (800 ppl watching him le...) But it's the gesture that counts! ;)