Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Story of A Wall and A Ball

Once upon a time... *neh... i'll just go straight to the point*-->
Calling all Physics students!!
What happens when you throw a ball to a wall?? (For those of you that dont know... it ok... i'll tell you. It BOUNCES back. ;) )
What happens when you throw a ball... with ALL your might to a wall??
Anw: It BOUNCES back REAL HARD! (what's the physic term for it ar?? oops! sori la... i long time no touch physics d... and i dont plan 2 touch it again :P) the English (or is it Singlish :P) term for it is called "BACKFIRE"

So... what if i was the ball... and people irritate me by throwing me really hard against the wall?? I bouce back in anger! (i know it's a sin, but as human as i am... i responded in frustration and... anger... *do not do this at home or WHEREVER you might be.* I repented d ;) )

Who irritated me??
At this point of time, nothing can irritate me more than the fact that i have to work in my college for 10 hrs a week la... so guess wat?? It was the management that irritated me! *so unexpected rite?? :P*

What did they do to irritate me??
I was told from the beginning of time that i WONT have to work during my holidays and during my exams. Altho i expected more off days... but ok ok la... aihz...
So... altho it's LAN... but it's a test/exam whateva u wanna call it. And i've said previously that my coll takes LAN seriously. Therefore... i told my supervisor that my LAN test is comin up on the 10th and 11th of Aug. And she was like... err.. what days are those ar?? She checks her calendar... and says... "oh! that's a thurs n fri. that means you can come n work on Mon la..." I was like "EXCUSE ME???" Then... all the feeling of being threated unfairly... being used as child labour and all sort of DRAMA thoughts came to my mind. But... i sucked it in and told her "I was told that i wont have to work during my exam week" *i have to revise ok!!*

What happens if u pump too much air into a ball??
It goes... KA BOOM!!!
The Ka Boom part came when she told me that "Speaking bout what they told you... i just received a mail saying that "THE SCHOLARS WILL BE EXEMPTED FROM WORKING THROUGH OUT THEIR EXAM. HOWEVER... THEY WILL HAVE TO REPLACE THEIR WORKING HOURS AFTER THEIR EXAM OR DURING THEIR HOLIDAYS."
Ha Ha Ha!!! (i dont blame my supervisor cuz she receives orders from the Human Resource)

My response: (i was talking to my supervisor)
WHAT NONSENSE!!! (as you can see... no matter how angry i may be... i DONT use foul words ;) )
How could they do such a thing to us (scholars)??
Expect us to score summo!!
What are we (scholars)?? SLAVES??
Yesterday just say how important we are to them!!
Dont you think it's unfair??
Why dont they try studying and working together??? Unless they SCORE, dont they dare tell me it's EASY!

My supervisor's response:
Err... i only receive orders from the HR

She could have been more supportive u know... but sighs... so i walked out of the office, told Yue (she's a scholar too) bout it and stormed to the Marketing department.

At the Marketing dept...

I dont even want to mention how sad case the receptionist was la... *shakes head* Tip to SEGi HR. Please hire SMARTER people. At least people that are more sensitive to your CUSTOMER's FEELINGS!!!
After a long wait, finally managed to talk to the Dept head. He's a nice guy. He was like "i dont see y u scholars should work during your exams and what more ur holidays??" *Preach it brother!! :P* And he continues "I will talk to your supervisor" and so he did.

In conclusion... i dont have to work during my exams and my hols!!
All the drama could have been avoided if SEGi put a lil more effort into looking / paying more for efficient an smart staffs!
A lil statement made by Yue n I *Dont mess with the TAN family!!*:P

God bless & hugs!