Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unexpectingly FUN!

Had a long Thursday

Public Speaking class was good. Liked the lecturer. But he made me feel guilty!! of?? watching tv... day dreaming... sleeping... But then again... i once read from somewhere n it said " Dream BIG!"
So in order to dream hoh... must SLEEP 1st rite?? :P *blushes* I do hope i can improve not only on public speaking but in my communication skills in general... so i dont blush all the time *blushes* :P

Was kinda hungry after class n i had a craving 4 ICE CREAM!!! now my cafe sells cornetto d!! so haps rite?? so i bought 1 and Yue bought the lime with vanilla... n we MAKAN!! hehehe! speaking bout cornetto (actually i'm not sure if the spelling is correct but who cares?? :P) remember the pillow i won??

TA-DA!! (it's very nice to hug)

Now where was i?? *scrolls back up* oh ya!

After makaning ice cream, i went 4 CF. Fuiyo!!! stress! cuz i had to do word :S Altho i was exposed to such a task... but i told ya i'm SHY!! (altho no 1 believes me when i say that... *drops head* AIH... :P) so in front of new crowd ar... i dont really look serious lo.. hehehe... now must test dynamics 1st... later u all kena! wakakakka! *oops* Shared on Faith... At least this time i didnt do much of the talking la.. must give chance n let other ppl talk ma :P

Then immediately after CF, i had to go to church 4 CAMPUS TOWN!! (wat dat??) let me explain... it's a place where students can hang out after college or in between classes. It's located 1 floor above my church office. They have this cozy corner where there are BIG pillows... it looked nice... but after the event, when ppl started goin in... (they had to take off their shoes) My imaginations started kicking in!! c... the place is air conditioned ma... so wat haps when u take off ur shoes?? It STINKS!! but den ar... i was quite far from the shoes.. so i didnt smell anything la.. *phew* so yea.. on 2nd tots.. it wont be that cozy anymore if got smelly shoes arnd. They even have a SALOON!!! keng le... den the usual cafe... pool table, ping pong table.. library.. oh ya!! got JAMMING ROOM oso! not bad le...

They played Ice Breakers... 1st 1 was Human Bingo. Dr Yap, the host of the nite won the game. (quite the sweat i know) Speaking about Dr Yap, she's not a physician. She'a a lecturer in UTAR. So yea.. she attends the chinese service my mom goes to. So my mom told me bout Dr. Yap. As my mom spoke, i pictured Dr. Yap as this 50 yr old woman, with short permed hair, wearing round glasses with a golden frame and a white cloak... hehehe... my imaginations keng le... :P So when i was therem i asked Karen, my church leader "Where is Dr. Yap?" And she pointed towards a young lady, most prob in her 30's, with straightened hair, wearing quite the hip clothes. She looked so simple n friendly! I was like.... *speechless*....

So back to Human Bingo. One of the categories was " i can do the limbo" To our surprise, there was this guy that actually won a mini limbo competition in a reality show on NTV 7. "How Low Can He Go??" was the question we asked. BOY was it LOW!! The guys holding the stick had to squat down.. so i guess the stick was about knee length la... that's super keng d!! Then another category, "i can put EIGHT sausages into my mouth" Technically it wasnt stated that he/she has to put all 8 into his/her mouth at 1 go la... but this guy that signed the category... he said ah... and stuffed ALL the sausages into his mouth!!!! Another Super Keng guy!

I had a great laugh. And the night didtn just end... Dr. Yap came up and gave a short speech. I was totally amazed by her. She could just start speaking bout Jesus without having to fear. And i definitly believe that there must be Pre-Christians in the crowd. And most of all, those that came were her students. Not only can they gel amongst themselves, they respected Dr. Yap. They sat and gave full attention to her while she was talking. And after the event, they took pics with her. I wont want to take a pic with my lect/teacher unless i really respect him/her.

I bet she really touched the hearts of those young ppl in UTAR. The main reason she wanted to start Campus Town was cause she wanted her students to have a place to rest and a healthy hang out place for them. She said on that nite " It makes me happy when i see my students happy" Such a dedicated lecturer. She must be more than a lecturer to them. I believe to them, she's their friend. (BOY! this reminds me of Mr. Zainal. My prefect teacher advisor. We were buddies... hehehe)

I do wish I could impact the lives of the ppl around me as Dr. Yap has. I cant do this on my own cuz i know when dealing with ppl is concerned, problems are bound to tag along. So i'll need Your help n Your Agape Love.