Friday, August 25, 2006


Dear users of the road, please read this :P

A HAZARDOUS being is unleashed and IT could be found driving on roads in ITs vehicle. The latest news about IT is... IT is a SHE!!!

Therefore, pls stay alert at all times while you are driving, crossing or even walking by the street. She can appear anytime, anywhere!!! Keep your love ones off the roads!!

We are now trying to identify the vehicle she's driving. Therefore, please keep yourselves updated for more news about HER.

WAKAKAKAKAKKAKA!!! my! the JPJ ketua must not read this!! cause he'll most definitly take my license back!! yes, u've read it right! I PASSED my driving test!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! fuiyo!! it was such a scary experience. Imagine la... after 2 times failing hoh.. somehow got some phobia d la...

I know most of you have heard me tell you THE story... but just for those of you that didnt get the privilledge *oops* of listening to THE story, i shall tell u bout it ere.

So.. this was what happened...
My instructor Mr Yap let me do 1 last test drive. It was super foggy. Not haze cause it was cold. But i drove anyway la. Through out the journey, mr yap was like lean back. When u lean forward, u look stressed n lack of confidence. (note: I WAS stressed n i lacked confidence!!!) Each time i reach an obstacle like a traffic light, i'll automatically lean forward :P Anyhow, we made it back to the base safely. And mr yap said: "should be alrite 1 la. Just stay calm." (note: easy for him to say!!!)
Once i got down the car... my head started feeling funny!!! fuiyo!! i was like.. this could not b happening!!! I tahan-ed, walk to the waiting area n got a seat. I prayed lo! Well, at a crucial hour like that... what more can a gal like me do rite???
Then it was my turn. At around 9.30 i think... Cause i was the 1st batch to drive... the cars were parked SUPER close to each other!! So after checking the basic stuff, i waited la.. Then the JPJ was like... JALAN.
Me: HA???
JPJ: U passes your parking rite??
Me: (being proud of my accomplishments) YES!
JPJ: Then use the same way to get out la.
Me: Craps! (of i bang the car behind, means DIE!!)
so i reversed lo.. then when i let go of my accelerator, the car went back forward... it was like AIK!!! need to reverse again! But thank God cuz the front car moved!!!
JPJ: Dalam sini gerak 30 km/j. Di luar gerak 60 km/j. Do not cause disturbance to the traffic. Guna laluan 1. Faham??
Me: (HA??? but die die oso said) FAHAM.

Major mistakes i made *blushes*
At the traffic light, it was red. So stop lo. Freed gear n pulled hand break. BUT!! when it turned green, guess wat!! i forgot to masuk gear!! then when i accelerated, my engine made a sound n i tot it died! I was like sorry SORRY!!! then at the fastest i could go, i turn on the engine lo.. but it made a noise! then i tried starting it again, and the sound came again!! So... i was like... wait... listen if the engine's still running. And i heard the softest sound. (Tot to self: engine still got sound means havent die la) So thank God, i checked my gear! n found out that i so ding dong... so i masuk the gear n lets go lo!! then,
JPJ: See, wasnt that a disturbance to the traffic??
Me: I'm sorry.

JPJ: now go on 60. (it was still a straight road, so i went la)
Me: (tot to self: I'm king of the road!!)
Then as i reached the corner, as a immediate reaction, SLOW DOWN la!! So i released my acceleration pad. BUT!!!
JPJ: Y is the meter dropping?? Didnt i ask you to go on 60?
Me: But... it's a cornering...
JPJ: Other people can do it y cant you?? (as he said this, a car overtook me!! :'( )
Me: Can can can! (so i stepped on it la)

Then at the end of me journey, it ended so quickly cause i drove faster than usual. (JPJ asked me to drive nack on 60 and use 4th gear!! crazy rite??)
JPJ: U saw rite how u controlled the steering wheel. ( I termasuk ppl's lane :S my bad for not breaking)
Me: Yes. I'm sorry.
JPJ: And you also know that you cant masuk gear properly rite??
Me: (aihz...) Yes.
JPJ: Is this licese very important to you??
Me: (actually it's not that important la) I came 3 times for this test. What do you think?
JPJ: I usually dont pass ppl like you. But since i so good i let u pass la.
Me: oh THANK YOU (tot to self: say what u like la, as long as u pass me :P)

I felt like crying after i came down the car. Couldnt believe that it's finally over!! Goodness!! Tears of joy and relieve!!

I stood by my believes, i did not bribe n my God saw me through. I still dont know y He let me fail the 2nd time, but i believe He has His reason n He sees the bigger picture ;)


note: The incident above happened on Tuesday :D took me so long to blog bout it cause i'm a bz gal k :P