Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When I see you smile

I just like this song :D


dareNtiff said...

Wah... very nice lah this version of the song When I See You Smile. Nice one! :)

inokku said...

hey! whos d artist of this version ? :S

i like! ^^

inokku said...

oops! just remembered ^^" ciaoz~

-dot- said...

halo halo!!!
to darentiff:
yes!! it's a soothing song :D

to inokku:
actually i oso dunno... was checking out videos from Grease n ter-bum into this song :D
n... ciaoz :P

inokku said...

its by Uncle Sam feat BOYZ II MEN
or Boyz II Men feat Uncle Sam ! =p

-dot- said...

Really??? Who's uncle Sam?? :S hehehe... i only know uncle cracker. he's the guy that sand the song for shrek i think :P